Episode 15

Happy New Years from Garden State Debate!

Published on: 1st January, 2021

Happy New Year's season to you and your families!

Considering the toll that 2020 has taken on all of us to some degree, and to others more than we will ever comprehend, we hope that we can take some silver linings from 2020 and build upon it in 2021.

After a successful start to Garden State Debate, amassing 20,000 minutes of viewing and listening in just a couple of months, with little promotion, and excellent content and guests, we can't wait to do it again in 2021, and build on what we started.

Thank you to all of our guests, and to the listeners and viewers who checked out the show even if for a little bit, and to those who watched regularly. We have just reached the foot of the mountain and it's time to climb! Stay tuned, more to come on that.

For now, we hope you will enjoy some downtime with your family, enjoy New Years, and if possible, raise a glass to getting through a tough year, learning and gaining new perspectives, and looking forward to 2021.

This clip is from our final Episode of Season I, which is a fitting toast to a happy and healthy New Year, and more Garden State Debate, featuring NJ Senate Majority Leader, Senator Loretta Weinberg.

See you in ‘21.


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